Saturday, September 19, 2015

Arrival in Ecuador

Alina and I were met at the Quito airport by some of her large extended family.  We have the ground floor bedroom at her mother’s house in the Carapungo neighborhood of Quito.

Alina’s nephew David has been shuttling us around as we probe Ecuadorean paperwork hell.  We have several things we need to obtain: registration of our degrees, cedulas (the equivalent of social security cards), a work visa for me, and health insurance.  In three days, we only managed to submit our degrees: they are not approved yet.  We discovered that Alina has a documentation problem because her cedula has expired and she may need a copy of her marriage certificate to renew it.  And she had changed the order of her first and middle names, which makes for bureaucratic constipation.

We met with David Neill and his wife Mercedes Asanza here in Quito for lunch.  Orientation in Puyo is Tuesday, so we leave for Puyo on Monday.  It would have been nice to know that!

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