Saturday, September 19, 2015

Arrival in Santa Clara

Alina’s brother Hugo has loaned us her brother Coco’s light truck until we are established: a nice 4 wheel drive with the extended cab and air conditioning.  I was rather tired and didn’t relish a 5 hour drive into places I don’t know, and Alina is not yet comfortable with a manual shift, so Hugo volunteered to drive us to where we are staying in Santa Clara.  We got near at 11PM, drove back and forth, and couldn’t find the place, even with Alina on the phone to the owners.  I finally spotted a sign, and we went down to the bridge over the River of Death.  

It was dark, the river was loud, and the scary bridge didn’t look as if it was meant for cars to me.  So Alina made yet another phone call and the owner drove out across the bridge to show us it was safe.  After a sphincter-cleanching, rattling transit, we drove around a turn to Cabanas Rio Anzu, our lodgings.

The Cabanas is reminiscent of the screened wooden buildings we enjoyed at 4-H camp, but somewhat nicer.  There is a small kichenette with a refrigerator, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet.  Remarkably economical too: $150 per month!

The river is about 50 feet from our cabin.

The insects at the lights here are fantastic: the big tropical stuff we see in the picture books and endless smaller, weird stuff.

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