Saturday, September 19, 2015


We went to Baños for Saturday and Sunday, to be with Alina's mom at her house in the center of the city.  The house is fairly old, and not so nice as the Quito house except for the top floor room which was recently renovated by Alina's brother Hugo.

We stayed in the top floor room: very sweet of Alina's mother.  But the really exciting thing about the room was the view: here are pictures to the left and the right out of the huge picture window that dominates the room.

That's the gorge of the river Pastaza on the north side of Baños.  It's at least 200 feet deep.  Bungee jumpers leap off the bridge at frequent intervals, usually shrieking loudly.  It's simply the best view I've ever had from any house, and would be worth a lot to a developer.

We enjoy shopping in the farmer's markets in all the cities we've been in.  Usually for fruit and vegetables.  I'll have some pictures of that some time.

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